3 Tips For Successful New Year’s Resolutions

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3 Tips For Successful New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, when there’s a collective ache for change in the air and an excitement for new opportunities, ideas, and goals to flourish! And after an unpredictable year like 2020, people are inviting in change, almost begging it to come in, with open arms.

Our business has helped numerous people achieve their fitness goals year after year, so we’re no stranger to New Year’s Resolutions. But in our experience, most resolutions are broken come February. But that’s not true for everyone, of course. There are a minority of people who stick to their fitness resolutions for the long term, and transform it from a resolution into a lifestyle. So instead of looking at why most people break their resolutions, we’re instead taking a look at how people manage to keep them.

Focus On the Process, Not the Results

When it comes to your fitness goals, it’s typical to approach them with a results-oriented mindset. After all, we want to see that those long hours we’re spending at the gym and the elimination of our favorite comfort foods is worth it–we want to see that what we’re doing is working. However, we’ve noticed that obsessing over results often leaves many of our clients frustrated and impatient, and eventually leads to them giving up on their new lifestyle entirely.

Instead, try shifting your mindset away from the results and towards the process. Hone-in on the steps and actions you need to take to reach and amplify your results. For example, instead of focusing on whether you’re losing weight or not, pay attention to whether or not you are filling up half your plate with vegetables. Instead of flexing in the mirror, ask yourself if you’re eating enough protein at each meal. Instead of obsessing over the number on the scale or the way your jeans fit, focus on eliminating processed food from your diet entirely. In other words, dedicate yourself to the process first and the results will surely follow.

Implement Sustainable and Gradual Changes

When it comes to committing to a healthier lifestyle, it’s only natural to be ambitious and go full-throttle after the change. We’ve met plenty of clients that are overflowing with motivation and who attempt to make drastic changes right off the bat–which is exciting, but can lead to disappointment in the end.

We’ve seen it all–from individuals who have been sedentary for years who start exercising every day, to individuals who wake up one day and decide to entirely eliminate carbs from their diet. However, it’s important to keep in mind that any changes we make in our lifestyle have to be sustainable in the long term scheme. In other words, will you be able to continuously implement the changes you are making into your lifestyle on a daily basis? Does your work and life schedule truly allow for exercising everyday? Do your energy levels plummet when you eliminate carbs from your diet?

The point is that when people make sudden, drastic changes to their diet and lifestyle, their bodies and circumstances react very differently. In our experience, the more drastic the changes, the more overwhelmed a client eventually becomes and the quicker they will quit.

Instead, make small changes that you can sustain, and then build on them as your body adapts. For example, if you are someone who has never really exercised before, consider what level of change you are capable of off the bat. Perhaps you can start by exercising one day a week, and then gradually increase it to two, three, and so on until you are exercising at the frequency that is more ideal to you.

Prepare For When You Don’t Have Motivation

Let’s end on an exciting note and talk about motivation. People typically start their fitness resolutions with high levels of motivation. However, motivation comes and goes depending on the day, and the circumstances that life presents. Successful resolutioners know that they must prepare for those days when they won’t feel motivated to eat healthy or exercise properly.

I’ve seen different strategies work for different individuals, but among the most common ones are using someone else to keep them accountable (such as by joining a diet group or hiring a person trainer), removing unhealthy foods from their environments so they never get tempted (such as by removing processed snacks from the home), or by always having healthy foods (such as frozen vegetables) stocked up so they don’t have to go far to grab a healthy bite. In other words, analyze your past behaviors and environment, and make contingency plans to make it easier for you to do the right behavior on those days you’re lacking motivation or will-power.

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Written by: Vinh Pham

Vinh holds a degree in Nutritional Science. Having learned the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, Vinh’s goal is to educate others on proper health and nutrition. When he’s not working for MOS, Vinh likes trying new foods, hitting the gym, and eating his vegetables like a good boy.