Frequently Asked Questions - Meals of Steel
Accepting orders for delivery on 09-27-2020 - Order by 09-23-2020!
Accepting orders for delivery on 09-27-2020 - Order by 09-23-2020!

Common Questions

How many people can each meal serve?

Each meal is meant to be a full-serving for one adult.

When do I place my order?

Each week, please place your order before Wednesday at 11:59 PM. You’ll then receive your order the following Sunday.

When will I receive my meals?

Meals are sent out for delivery every Sunday, either to your home address, or to a local participating gym of your choice. If you choose to pick up your meals at a local gym, they will be available for pick up from a self-serve fridge during regular business hours the following Monday. If you do not pick up your meals by the following Friday, they will sadly be thrown away.

How long will my meals last?

Our meals are made fresh and without preservatives, so you should enjoy your meals within 5 days of receiving them! Seafood dishes are best if consumed by the following Wednesday for optimal freshness.

How do I heat up my meals?

It's easy! Simply pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes, and they’re ready to go! Time may vary depending on the power of your microwave, so try 2 minutes first, and go from there.

How does shipping work?

Your meals depart from our commercial kitchen facility, and they arrive in the hands of either one of our in-house drivers or a third-party carrier. Your meals come inside of a container that’s packed safely into a bag and ready for you to enjoy!
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