Cauliflower Pizza is Here!

20 Jun 2019 no comments dev_admin Categories Blogroll, food, health, nutrition, Uncategorized, wellness

Not your typical grease filled pizza!

First, let's talk about the foundation of our creation: Cauliflower Pizza Crust.

The foundation of our pizza is the special cauliflower crust from Caulipower®. This offers our customers a gluten-free twist on a classic dish for those of us who may have Celiac Disease or are otherwise gluten-sensitive. The cauliflower crust also provides a source of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, flavor, and a decrease in carbs.

Secondly: Our Homemade Marinara.

Made from fresh tomatoes and seasonings, our homemade marinara is not filled with high sodium or sugars. Having our own homemade sauce allows us to control the ingredients that go into itl So skip the canned tomato stuff, and enjoy a pizza with fresh homemade pizza sauce.

Third: We Chose A Reduced Fat Mozzarella Cheese!

Understanding your cheese the right way is crucial. Cheese is both a protein and fat source. Our reduced fat mozzarella cheese helps you get the calcium and protein you need - without breaking the calorie bank or increasing your fat intake.

Lastly (but not least): Turkey Pepperoni!

When it comes to choosing a tasty protein source to put on our pizza, we decided on Turkey Pepperoni.

Compared to the typical pepperoni slices made from beef and pork, our turkey pepperoni comes with 33% less Calories and 70% less saturated fat; but, turkey pepperoni offers 50% more protein. All in all, our turkey pepperoni is a much leaner, healthier, and more protein packed option than standard pepperoni.

Our pizza balances flavor with nutrition, so you can eat worry free.

Written by: Vinh Pham

Vinh holds a degree in Nutritional Science. Having learned the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, Vinh’s goal is to educate others on proper health and nutrition. When he’s not working for MOS, Vinh likes trying new foods, hitting the gym, and eating his vegetables like a good boy.