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Accepting orders for delivery on 12-11-2022 - Order by 12-08-2022 12pm!
Accepting orders for delivery on 12-11-2022 - Order by 12-08-2022 12pm!
When You’ve Already Got a Lot on Your Plate, Leave Your Meal Prep to Us
At Meals of Steel, we’re committed to supporting you in one of the toughest aspects of your fitness journey: food. When you eat well, you feel well, and the best way to do that is with wholesome food that’s nutritious and delicious. But who has time to research, shop for, and prepare the right foods and portions every week?
You don’t, but we do!
You tell us your dietary preferences, and we’ll prepare, cook, portion, and offer delivery for your meals, making meal prep simpler and more convenient for you than ever before. All you have to do is eat, enjoy, and stay focused on your health and fitness journey -- we’ll take care of the other nitty-gritty work in between.
Most people fall off their meal-prep game because they’re tired of eating the same food over and over. But at Meals of Steel, we’re dedicated to keeping you on track with your health goals by providing diverse menu options that beat the boredom -- even if your diet is low-carb, paleo, or vegan.
We know food – in fact, we’ve been told that we’re the best wingman you could ever ask for in the kitchen.
Backed by our team of expert nutritionists and master chefs with over 40 years of combined culinary experience, your tailor-made meals are packed with top-shelf ingredients. Whether you want to shed, maintain, or gain weight, we deliver flavor-filled recipes that feature fresh, locally-sourced, antibiotic-free foods that properly support your nutrition and lifestyle goals.
Food is our labor of love, and we’re happy to do the heavy lifting. After all, the best meal prep is the kind you don’t have to think about.
We fuel your fitness journey. Whether you’re maintaining, getting lean, or bulking up, we’ll portion and prepare your meals accordingly.
Beat the boredom. Our menu rotates weekly, so you’ll actually look forward to your meal prep week after week
We fuel your fitness journey. Whether you’re maintaining, getting lean, or bulking up, we’ll portion and prepare your meals accordingly.
Better ingredients, better nutrition. We always prepare your meals with local vegetables and antibiotic-free meat. Processed food? No thanks. If we can make it with our own hands, we do.
Subscribe once and forget about it. Set your preferences, and we’ll select and deliver your meals each week.
Michael Barmaxis Founder Founder Michael started Meals of Steel with the idea that healthy food shouldn’t have to be hard work. Based in his background in nutrition (he holds a B.S. in Nutritional Science), he dreamed of a way to combine the science of great eating with simplicity – no complex grocery lists or measurement conversions need apply. Bringing together a team of nutrition and culinary experts, Michael is the mastermind behind the company delivering bold, healthful flavors to your doorstep.
Vinh Pham Lead Nutritionist/Business Administrator As Lead Nutritionist, Vinh helps bring balance, health, and appropriate portioning to every one of our delicious meals. A 2017 graduate of CSULA with a B.S. in Nutritional Science, he’s the mastermind behind our nutrition consultations. Vinh’s expertise when it comes to calories, macronutrients, body composition, weight management, food choices, and mindful eating habits make him a key part of your fitness journey and creating your ideal meal plan!
Ryan Muro Executive Chef Head Chef Ryan Muro is the master of innovation when it comes to our menu. A creative culinary genius, he’s constantly developing flavors, discovering new ingredients, and perfecting our curated dishes – and you can taste it. A fearless tastemaker, Ryan Muro’s experienced hand and mindful food philosophy help us deliver on the promise that healthy food delivered in a hustle can still taste heavenly.
Eziquio Luna Sous Chef Sous Chef Eziquio is our head chef’s right-hand man. Bringing speed and precision to the table, he’s responsible for menu planning, staff training, enforcing food safety standards, and generally ensuring that the kitchen is a well-oiled machine. He’s also responsible for the savory Mexican flare of some of our most sought-after menu items: enchiladas, barbacoa, and fajitas.
Patrick Mao Brand Director of Marketing & Strategy An expert in written and visual storytelling, Brand Director Patrick helps distill the complex ins and outs of healthy food into digestible, easily understandable tidbits. A graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) he can design anything, anywhere – and you’ve probably read his engaging words in a cheeky email or two.
George Padilla Director of Operations From logistics to operating procedures and all things in between, George keeps everyone and everything moving smoothly as our Director of Operations. A graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in Sociology, his keen eye for detail ensures that our processes and quality are picture perfect, – and he does it with a swagger to match.